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ChemaylaReasons why I havent healed you. "Spite"
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The Zoology of Mages * r/wow
(Disclaimer: Blink, Blink; English isn't my first language; as always read this with the voice of John Cleese, David Attenborough or Morgan...
The Elevator Boss (WoW Machinima by Flamy507)
► Nixxiom's Channel: http://bit.ly/1swVJoj ► Moocluck's Chan...
ChemaylaInvasion times/locals [link]
Legion Invasion Times (NA)
Link Description
ChemaylaWeek 2 (next week): Legion Assaults begin, first PvP Brawl becomes available
Week 3: Chapter 5 of the Class Order Hall campaign unlocks, which activates new followers, new Order Hall upgrades, and class-specific World Quests
Week 4+: Ongoing story pieces unlock, leading up to the eventual opening of the Tomb of Sargeras raid, and the ability to earn Class Mounts
Fake Achievement
Root Folder
Chemayla   This is what they were talking about. Faking your achievement.

Get Your Artifact Weapon to (at least) 35 Traits
Cap Your Artifact Knowledge
Complete Order Hall Class Campaign
Collect 25,000 Order Resources for New Order Hall upgrades
Earn the Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One Achievement
Max Reputations to Exalted for Paragon
Level Class Hall Champions
Gather Crafting Materials for new BoE Legendaries
Sell Excess Gathered Materials Before Flying is Unlocked
Level Battle Pets
Collect Transmog Items
Patch 7.2 Preparation, Character Services Sale, Blue Posts, ...
HCT Bahamas: Live Un'Goro Card Reveals Patch 7.2 Preparation Patch 7.2 is just around the corner, so we've put together this list of things players might want to complete before th...
Chemayla   published Tomb of Sargeras on News
Keydar the Forgetful
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Chemayla   published 7.2 Return to Broken Shore on News
ChemaylaIn this week's PTR Development Notes, we mentioned that we were planning to stress test some new server technology we're rolling out in Patch 7.2. Initially, our plan was to have everyone fight Withered J'im, but we wanted to come up with something a little more exciting to make it more fun to participate in.

So, this Friday (March 10th), we'll be turning Dalaran into a free-for-all PvP zone on the 7.2 PTR. You'll be able to attack anyone and anything you want - both players and NPCs alike. Oh, and you'll have the same buff mechanic used in the Black Rook Rumble world quest: every time you kill a player, you'll get a stacking increase to your health and damage (but reduced healing taken).

We're expecting this to be absolute mayhem... which is great, because we need to put our servers through the ringer! And since events like this are the sort of thing we can only do on the PTR, we're really hoping to have as many players participating as possible.

This event will run from 3 PM to 5 PM Pacific time on Friday. If you'd like to join us, please make sure you have the PTR downloaded and your character copied over ahead of time - while we want to stress test as much as possible, the PTR character copy system is likely to break in the process, so make sure you have a character ready to go!
Pü'püWhat the heck?
M+ Drinking Game! * r/wow
So, me and a few friends like to play a drinking game every weekend for the M+. We basically get 4 of us sometimes more in a Discord channel and...
Chemayla   wtf lol
Grothoutlander   looks like she's been on her knees and elbows a lot lol!
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